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Here, Elite Traveler have carefully chosen a range of spectacular gifts that are sure to bring joy to your children this festive season.

By Sophie Killip |  November 9 2020

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020
Credit: Shutterstock

Watching a child’s face light up as they see their gifts and hearing their shouts of delight as they unwrap something remarkable can be one of the best moments of the holiday season. With this gift guide, Elite Traveler has carefully chosen a range of luxury gifts for kids that are sure to bring joy to your children this festive season — but will also create exciting and happy memories for the rest of the year.

Aston Martin + The Little Car Company, Aston Martin DB5 Junior

If your little one is a car enthusiast, get them a gift of a lifetime with the Aston Martin DB5 Junior. Over 50 years from its initial launch, the DB5 is being imagined for the modern era in an exclusive collaboration with The Little Car Company. The iconic car has been scaled down to 66% of its original size and is fully electric, making it available for children to drive. Owners of a DB5 Junior will truly own a piece of automobile history, as only 1,059 models will be made.

From $46,000,

Claridge’s, Luxury Children’s Bathrobe

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020

Ideal for wrapping your little one up and stopping them from getting cold after bathtime, a bathrobe is a great way of ensuring your child is cozy and enjoys the process of getting dry and changed. Bring an extra touch of luxury to bathtime with Claridge’s Children’s Bathrobe, which features the hotel’s crest in gold thread. As these are a miniature version of the Adult Bathrobe, there’s even an opportunity for the whole family to get involved.


Peter Harrington Rare Books, Harry Potter (First Three Volumes, First Editions)

Courtesy of Peter Harrington Rare Books, London, UK

Despite the first book being released over 20 years ago, the magic of Harry Potter lives on, entrancing new generations of young fans all the time with its depiction of the Wizarding World. Give your young witch or wizard a unique and special gift this holiday season with First Editions of the first three books in the Harry Potter series, from Peter Harrington Rare Books in the UK. All three have also been signed by the author, J K Rowling, and come in original cloth-backed paper boards with dust jackets.


LEGO, Robot Inventor

LEGO has come a long way from its humble origins of building blocks, with the latest toys including the option to build digitally — through code — as well as physically. Young fans of robots and technology will love this Robot Inventor, which allows them to build five different motorized robots and vehicles out of the almost 1,000 pieces, with the help of the free LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor app. There is also the option for kids to come up with and build their own tech creations.


Disney, Cinderella Signature Dress

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020

Every princess deserves a dress, and nothing says ‘magical’ quite like Disney’s Cinderella Signature Dress with its soft satin bodice, embroidered floral detailing, tulle underskirts, and sequined stardust additions. Created especially for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, the Cinderella Signature Dress is the perfect item to bring the fairy-tale home — and it will certainly have any young princess feeling beautiful, confident, and ready for a royal ball.


Barbie, Barbie Dreamhouse

Dreams really do come true with the Barbie Dreamhouse: with three floors, seven rooms, a built-in garage, and a working elevator, it’s the epitome of luxurious living for all your child’s dolls. With ample space and over 70 accessories included, the gift of a Barbie Dreamhouse will spark your child’s imagination and help them dream up all kinds of stories. Don’t be surprised if they play for hours — leaving you to spend some time relaxing after the busy festive period.


Razor, Dirt Quad SX McGrath

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020

A quad bike is a perfect gift for fun-loving and thrill-seeking kids, and are a great way of promoting an interest in the outdoors. With graphics inspired by the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath, the Dirt Quad SX McGrath is a scaled-down electric ride-on that provides an authentic riding experience (for children ages eight and up). It features a tubular steel frame for stability and durability, twist-grip throttle control, and speeds up to 8 mph.


Burberry, Check Merino Wool Thomas Bear

Comforting and soft, a stuffed animal or cuddly toy often becomes a child’s best friend. They can be a regular attendee to playtime tea parties, feature heavily in the playroom, or even taking pride of place as your child’s sleeping companion at bedtime. Knitted with 100% Merino wool, a neat bow-tie and hand-embroidered details, Burberry’s signature check Merino wool Thomas bear is a cute, fashionable teddy sure to make your child smile.


Dolce & Gabbana, Doll with Sequined Dress

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020

This holiday season, give your child a gift that will keep on giving by sparking their imagination and leading to hours of open-ended play. The Doll with Sequined Dress is a great example, acting as a friend to your child and helping them create worlds of stories and adventures. At 49cm, this life-like doll is made from a special soft-touch material, has facial features designed by a specialized team, and has hair made from special fibers to give extra shine.


Hansa, Hansatronics Mechanical Tiger

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020

One of the most unique children’s toys Elite Traveler has seen, this Hansatronics Mechanical Tiger needs no introduction. Incredibly lifelike, each one is individually hand-sewn by Hansa’s artisans and features a motorized head movement (either left and right or up and down). At 1.7 meters long and 1 meter tall, children will truly feel like they have their own pet tiger. Even more delightful, this Hansatronics Mechanical Tiger has been specially created to be ridden.

From $2,990,

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