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For Him

This year, buy the man in your life something that is going live long in the memory.

By Alex Martin |  November 10 2020

Every man is different, and some can be exceptionally hard to buy for. As always, we recommend going with quality over quantity and for something to be enjoyed rather than just used. This year, buy the man in your life something that is going live long in the memory. In this luxury gift guide for him, we offer a wide selection of high-quality items that will make this holiday season extra special.

Hermes, Unie Quadrige Leather Patch Detail Tie

Gift Guide for Him

Other than the occasional 30-minute Zoom call, ties have been all but useless in 2020. But next year will see many of us return to the office and, after spending 12 months in sweatpants, we should take the opportunity to dress to impress. And you cannot get more impressive than a beautiful Hermes tie. The Unie Quadrige Leather Patch Detail Tie is a simple yet elegant design that will match up with most suits. The tie is 100 percent silk with a charming leather horse head patch that will alert tie connoisseurs, even in the grainiest of video calls.


Ralph Lauren, Polo Bear Cotton Sweater

Gift Guide for Him

Christmas sweaters come in many outrageous formats, but the iconic Polo Bear offers wearers the opportunity to be both stylish and festive. There are a number of different versions, but we love this preppy college bear ready to play football. The light grey color gives it versatility, making it equally comfortable on a cold night in or at an après ski bar in Aspen. The bear provides a subtle statement of quality, as well as being the epitome of the Ralph Lauren brand.


Zegna, Triple Stitch Sneaker

Gift Guide for Him

When it comes to shoes, the higher up the chain you go, the less practical they seem to become. The Zegna Triple Stitch sneaker, with its eye-catching crisscrossed design, offers a level of comfort and versatility rarely seen in high fashion. The Italian brand introduced an updated construction from designer Alessandro Sartori this season so even current owners will appreciate a fresh set. The triple stitch elastic at the front makes them easy to slip on and off and amazingly comfortable to wear around town. Although we are featuring the white version in deerskin, it is available in calfskin and suede in multiple colorways.


Dior, Shawn Oversized T-Shirt

Gift Guide for Him

Do not underestimate the value of a good white T-shirt. It may be hard to see the value in something seemingly so plain, but it is only when you put one on that you realize its worth. This Dior T-shirt is carefully crafted from the highest-quality thick-woven cotton. Its oversized fit gives it a high-fashion feel whether it’s worn with jeans or joggers. The embroidered bee at the chest pockets lets those in the know that this is no ordinary plain white tee.


Onia, Charles Embroidered Swim Trunks

Swimwear didn’t get much of a chance to shine in 2020, so we will no doubt be attempting to make up for lost time in 2021. A fresh pair of swim shorts will remind the man in your life that sunny times lie ahead, and these charming Onia trunks do a great job of inspiring thoughts of summer. Available in 7”, the trunks are stylish and comfortable enough to wear away from the pool. Onia’s high quality craftsmanship can be seen in the trunk’s intricate stitching, which features finely embroidered toucan detail.


Berluti, Scritto Leather Two-cigar Case

You would need to know a man very well to choose the right cigar. But there is no disputing the quality of this beautiful case from Berluti. Designed to hold two cigars, it is perfect for men who enjoy an after-dinner smoke. The case displays the emblematic Scritto signature in burnt leather and is crafted with a rare sheathing technique in Italy. This process sees damp leather positioned on a wooden last and left to dry. Once it takes its shape, the wood is removed. This technique allows the use of delicate leather that is extra soft to the touch.


Stefano Ricci, Handmade Business Bag

Make sure the man in your life returns to the office with a bang in 2021 with one of the best business bags money can buy. Stefano Ricci is one of the reasons Italian craftsmanship is revered so highly throughout the world, and it is his leather goods where that reputation really comes to the fore. Its understated sophistication allows the quality of its construction to shine brightest. The bag is rendered from genuine crocodile skin and the finest calfskin leather. The SR logo is included in galvanized ruthenium hardware.


Tom Ford, Old Wood Luxe Gift Set

Ordinarily, we would tell you to steer well clear of a gift set, but then not every gift set is a Tom Ford gift set. If you’re stuck for what to get him, this set will bolster his options in a number of crucial accessory areas. The gift set includes the best of Tom Ford’s Old Wood collection, including sunglasses and a charming 001 timepiece. Then comes the basics, including a luxury shower gel, aftershave and a handy leather cardholder.


Montegrappa, Hemingway: The Explorer

Ernest Hemmingway’s travels in Africa were extraordinary even by his standards. The legendary writer endured illness, plane crashes and multiple reports of his premature death, but returned very much alive and well. He later described Africa as a place of transcendence and redemption, and the story of his time has been captured in this extraordinary Montegrappa pen. The pen is crafted from sterling silver. The 18k nib edition is limited to just 100 pieces with a further 100 available in a rollerball.


Spiorad, The Art in Whisky

This beautiful coffee table book is the ultimate gift for lovers of Scotch whisky. Telling the story of the world’s most iconic spirit through the eyes of award-winning photographer Jon Purcell, the book travels everywhere from the wild island of Islay to the forested foothills of Japan. Weighing in at 21 pounds, the book includes 350 unique photographs that capture the ‘art’ in creating whisky. Limited to just 1,000 hand-numbered copies worldwide, this book is about as rare and sought-after as a fine aged single malt. Would they prefer the real thing this Christmas? Take a look at our Wines & Spirit Gift Guide for a selection of fine whiskies.


Baccarat, Harmonie Whiskey Decanter Square

If you have already taken a look at our Wine & Spirits Gift Guide, you have already found a selection of fine and rare whiskeys that would make the perfect present. And if you are going to spend big on an aged bourbon or single malt, then it is a good idea to get a fitting home for it. This decanter from Baccarat has been designed to house the finest whiskeys in the world. Made with clear crystal with delicately engraved lines, the Harmonie square decanter amplifies that iconic golden color.


11 Ravens, Theseus Foosball

Gift Guide for Him

Any man would love a good games table, but 11 Ravens have taken all of the fun and added true craftsmanship into the mix. The company produces a range of innovative tables from billiards to air hockey. Each one has been meticulously designed and handcrafted in the USA, and the results are truly stunning. We love the Theseus Foosball table because of its contemporary take on a classic design. Each table is made to order, so you can customize the color to suit your interiors and preferences.

From $16,875,

Wagner Custom, Bespoke Skis

If you are planning on hitting the slopes in the new year, what better way to do it than on a pair completely tailored to you? Wagner Custom offers a bespoke service that tailors the skis not only to the person but to the type of conditions they will be skiing in. As well as practical use, they also offer custom artist graphics to ensure they look as good as they feel. The company offers a gift box, which comes with everything one needs to get the process started.

From $1,750,

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