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Sate the appetite of even the pickiest of foodies with our luxury food gift guide.

By Kim Ayling |  November 10 2020

kalamazoo chef knives

When it comes to gift giving, buying for a self-proclaimed culinary expert is notoriously difficult. However, with Elite Traveler’s 2020 luxury food gift guide, you’re guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned of culinary connoisseurs and kitchen maestros.

From Michelin standard cookbooks and expert kitchenware, through to indulgent edible treats, our expert selection of the best luxury food gifts and gourmet goods acts as the ultimate Christmas present inspiration for food lovers.

Thomas Keller, The French Laundry, Per Se

the french laundry per se foodie gift guide

As Thomas Keller’s first cookbook in nearly a decade, The French Laundry, Per Se promises to be a big deal. Named for his iconic Californian restaurant, The French Laundry, Per Se is filled with recipes, photographs and stories intended to give the reader insight into cooking at the highest standard. In the book, Keller and his chefs have compiled over 70 recipes for some of his beloved dishes, helping readers to elevate their home cooking efforts to the next level.


Duparquet, Solid Silver Cookware

duparquet solid silver cookware

Add a bit of bling to the kitchen with Duparquet’s range of solid silver cookware. Far from just looking amazing, solid silver is known to have the best heat conductivity of any element, making it the ultimate material for pots and pans. Duperquet’s sterling silver cookware is fully bespoke and made to order. Aside from just making a statement, the pieces are durable, hardwearing and promise to deliver exceptional culinary results – a foodie Christmas gift like no other.

From $2,600,

Gocce, Balsamic Condiment

gocce balsamic gift set

Gocce still uses traditional Italian balsamic recipes dating back to the 17th century, promising a distinct sticky texture and bittersweet flavor. The 150-year-old Gran Riserva Oro Balsamic Condiment is creating using a unique aging process, in which it is transferred across a series of barrels that gradually decrease in size and are made from different woods. This particular specimen has been transferred 150 times, and can be enjoyed drizzled over both sweet and savory dishes, or even sipped as a digestif. The precious bottle is encased within a silk-lined box with a pipette for serving and a certificate of authentication.


Kalamazoo, Kitchen Knife Set

kalamazoo kitchen knives

If there is one must-have in a luxury foodie gift guide, it is a set of professional-standard kitchen knives. Kalamazoo’s six-piece kitchen knife set is handcrafted in Japan, taking four years to perfect. Each blade is expertly forged from three layers of metal, with stainless steel outer layers and a VG-10 core hardened to 61 HRC, with a unique manufacturing process ensuring that no two knives are the same. Each piece features heavy butt caps for even weight distribution, as well as a rounded spine for a comfortable grip.


Maison de la Truffe, Black Truffle Jar

maison de la truffle black truffle food gift

What is a luxury food gift guide without a range of culinary delicacies? Regarded as the diamond of gastronomy, truffle is amongst the most indulgent foods in the world. Described as a jealous flavor that won’t take competition, simplicity and purity are the two golden rules when it comes to truffle – at Maison de la Truffe these two characteristics are available in abundance. As self-appointed “culinary jewelers”, Maison de la Truffe can be trusted to provide the purest truffle of the highest quality, with the jarred whole black truffle being a crowning jewel.


Le Creuset, Dutch Oven

le creuset dutch oven in artichaut

No kitchen is complete with a set of Le Creuset cookware. Tasteful yet impressively durable, the French brand has become a staple in homes across the world. Our favorite is the Oval Dutch oven, crafted from cast iron with a durable enamel finish. Even if the foodie in your life already has a growing collection of the classic cookware, we guarantee understated green hues of the Artichaut colorway, which is new for 2020, will make a stylish addition to any kitchen.


Black Ivory, Triple Package of Coffee

Black Ivory Coffee gift set

With a unique harvesting process that involves passing through the digestive system of Thai elephants, Black Ivory Coffee is considered one of the best coffees in the world – and the most expensive. The coffee itself offers a distinct flavor that lacks bitterness, and is almost tea-like in taste. To ensure freshness, the beans are roasted to order rather than warehouse roasted, with each bean handpicked for size to guarantee an even roast. Aside from producing amazing coffee, Black Ivory are also committed to conservation and actively support local elephant charities, ensuring that you can do good with your gifting.


Caviar Russe, Jubilant Collection

Jubilant collection caviar set in gift guide

As any discerning food lover will tell you, caviar is one of the culinary world’s greatest delicacies. Caviar Russe has developed a reputation as the best supplier in the United States, providing the highest quality malassol caviar, sourced to exacting standards to guarantee freshness and premium taste. The Jubilant Collection offers everything needed to host a caviar celebration at home, including your choice of Caviar Russe malossol caviar, a Christofle silver plated caviar server, house-made silver dollar cocktail blinis, crème fraiche and specialty caviar spoons.

From $985,

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, Pralinés “à l’Ancienne”

alain ducasse chocolate food gift

Although best known as the vision behind The Dorchester’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Alain Ducasse has also expanded his culinary empire into chocolateries. Manufactured in Paris, his specialty chocolates are made by artisan chocolatiers who strive for the highest quality and original flavors. For a truly festive treat, opt for the 39-piece Pralinés “à l’Ancienne”, featuring a mixture of classic flavors such as pistachio and hazelnut, as well as a couple of innovative tastes including white and black sesame.


Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking Cookbook

modernist cuisine cookbook gift set

In recent years, science has transformed professional kitchens are the world, with a new culinary wave emerging as a result. In the critically-acclaimed Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet explore the art of modernist cuisine (also known as molecular gastronomy) and reveal the science behind the revolutionary techniques. The lavishly illustrated six-volume, 2,400-page cookbooks also seeks to innovate and reinvent readers’ home cooking efforts with a breakdown of the methods used in professional kitchens.


Lorenzi Milano, Travel BBQ Set

Lorenzi Milano bbq set

Revered for honoring tradition and craftmanship, Lorenzi Milano has long been the go-to company for luxurious tools, knives and other traditional accessories. This Christmas ensure the BBQ lover in your life is ready to show off their grill skills with an expertly crafted travel BBQ set. Constructed from bamboo, leather and stainless steel, the set is made in Italy where the family-run brand has been based since its inception in 1929. The travel set includes two spatulas, one prong and a brush crafted from stainless steel with hand-carved bamboo handles, all neatly contained in a leather travel sleeve.


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