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Elite Traveler celebrates the finest examples of design gifts with our curated list.

By Sophie Killip |  November 9 2020

Luxury Design Gift Guide 2020

Homeware and design pieces shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to choosing gifts for loved ones. Whether it’s a bespoke piece, a limited edition, or an object full of heritage and craftsmanship, luxury design gifts are built to last — often lasting generations and becoming family heirlooms. Here, Elite Traveler celebrates the best luxury gifts for the home with our curated design gift guide.

Saint Louis + St Regis, Bloody Mary Barware

At a time when many of us will be staying at home for the holidays, we may be reminiscing about far-flung destinations, and wishing we could visit our favorite hotel bars. Luckily, we can enjoy some of our preferred cocktails at home, including mixing up a drink in St Regis New York’s bespoke glassware. Inspired by the Bloody Mary, St Regis has worked in partnership with Saint-Louis to debut a crystal cocktail set: its Prestige collection includes a mix of colored highballs.


Hublot, MECA-10 Clock

luxury design gift guide 2020

If the watch enthusiast in your life is looking for something a little different this holiday season, treat them to Hublot’s newest release – an oversized version of its famous MECA-10 movement, which has been created for use as a table clock. Almost identical to its predecessor, it features an unusual skeleton architecture to allow full visibility of the movement and has a 10-day power reserve. The clock comes in either polished satin-finished steel or a black PVD coating.

From $47,400,

Spiral Cellars, Spiral Cellar

With more people working from home, there is extra time to explore how you might want to change your interiors or, for collectors, find a way to best display their collections at home. Spiral Cellars is a state-of-the-art offering for any wine collector who wants to showcase their collection in a unique way; with space to hold up to 1,900 bottles, the naturally ventilated Spiral Cellar can double up as a spacious pantry. Able to be installed in fewer than nine days, it makes a truly unique gift.

Full installation from £39,640 (Approx. $85,000),

Brinkhaus, The Eider Duvet

While duvets and comforters might seem almost too practical to be considered gifts, special consideration should be taken when discussing Brinkhaus’ Eider Duvet. Arguably one of the most luxurious duvets in the world, this duvet is filled with down from the Icelandic Eider duck, which is carefully collected from the Eiders’ empty nests without disturbing the birds — making it the rarest of Brinkhaus’ duvets. Available in a range of sizes, the Eider Duvet is encased in either silk or cotton.

From $4,599,

Se Collections, Moirai Chandelier

When the grey, wintery weather strikes, it’s time to bring color indoors and create a mood-boosting, cozy feeling in our homes. One way to add rich color to your interior and make a statement is through lighting: the Moirai series designed by Ini Archibong for Se Collections is the perfect example. Created using a cold-working glass technique, the Moirai Chandelier has been designed as a ‘constellation’ of clouds in blue, green, and purple — guaranteed to brighten any space.

From $48,200,

Trove, Calcite Table Lamps

luxury design gift guide 2020

Mixing contemporary design with vintage pieces can have its difficulties, but one way around this is to choose smaller items that, while sculptural, won’t distract from other statement objects. Featuring a marble base and calcite crystal top, this pair of Calcite Table Lamps from Trove has a mid-century design and produces a warming yellow glow when lit. They also make a great gift for any crystal enthusiasts, who will appreciate the calcite’s ability to absorb negative energy from the space.


Theo Fennell, Silver Honda Motorcycle

Show your appreciation for the motorcycle aficionado in your life with Theo Fennell’s Silver Honda Motorcycle. The original piece has been perfectly crafted by the British silver experts and is designed to last for generations. Though simple on first appearance, the Silver Honda is complete with intricate details and is a sterling silver model of the Honda CB1100R Motorcycle, at 1:8.5 Scale. Also included with the model is a presentation case and photo journal of the model making.


Sleep Me Happy, Nimbus Pillow

Life can often seem incredibly busy, which is why when it comes to our beds and bedrooms, we want the space to be as luxurious and calming as possible. With this in mind, a giant Nimbus pillow might be exactly what your loved one is looking for to make their time sleeping and relaxing in bed even more enchanted. Made in the UK, Sleep Me Happy’s Nimbus pillow is an extraordinary 1.2m x 1.5m and uses the highest quality materials available, including a super-soft microfiber filling.

From $457,

T.T. Trunks, Backgammon Leather Box

luxury design gift guide 2020

Despite the appeal of online and console games, traditional board games have continued to be sought after across the world and always make an excellent gift. As one of the oldest board games in the world, there is nothing more traditional than Backgammon — and this game has been given a contemporary new home within an elegant leather trunk, by T.T. Trunks. Featuring a stunning blue interior, it works as both a talking point and as a great addition to any board game collection.


Boca do Lobo, Filagree Mirror

Those looking for a new statement piece for their home will be surprised and delighted to receive the Filagree Mirror as a gift this holiday season. Exclusively designed for Boca do Lobo, the Filagree Mirror is completely handcrafted and acts as both mirror and work of art on any wall. Designed in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art, it is available for customization and can be finished in polished brass, gilded in silver, or gilded in 18k gold.

From $39,400,

Aerin, Gilded Crystal Bookends

luxury design gift guide 2020

Small, thoughtfully chosen pieces are a great option for gifts, as they show the care and attention taken by the gift-giver to what the receiver is interested in.  These Gilded Crystal Bookends by Aerin are a great example of this, and a great gift idea for any book lover. Dipped in 18k gold, these sparkling crystal bookends bring a glamorous, contemporary, and organic look to any bookcase. Both practical and elegant, they also work as sculptural pieces for either a desk or coffee table.


Michael Aram, Lily Pad Coffee Table

For those who appreciate nature and expert craftsmanship, look no further than Michael Aram’s exquisite pieces for a one-of-a-kind gift. The Lily Pad Coffee Table, for example, is both a piece of artwork and a unique coffee table that is sure to be a talking point. Made from nickelplate brass, each table includes twelve handcrafted lily pads, which Aram has designed to capture the organic texture of the plant and celebrate the spirituality of the lily.


Lladro, Paradise Candle

luxury design gift guide 2020

No gift guide would be complete without the addition of a luxurious candle, and a Spanish designed and handmade candle from Lladro is the quintessential small, considerate gift for any loved one. Inspired by the work of famous French artist Henri Rousseau, the Paradise Candle features a porcelain candleholder with a floral theme and a candle with a Gardens of Valencia scent. Once the candle has burned down, the handmade holder can be kept as a delightful work of art.


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