The Female Chefs to Watch in 2018

6th March 2018 // By Lauren Hill & Will Grice

Nao, Restaurant Julia

As an industry that’s famously male dominated in Japan, the Japanese culinary scene can be difficult for women to break into. But increasingly we’re seeing Japan’s most talented female chefs break down these barriers to become equally as revered in the dining community. Among Tokyo’s brightest female chefs is Nao of Restaurant Julia. We spoke to the chef about her plans and aspirations for the future: “I’d like to earn a Michelin star as one of Japan’s female chefs,” she tells us, “And I would like to show support to other Japanese female chefs by proving the success we can have.”

By taking a seat at her intimate restaurant in Ebisu, you can dine on the chef’s celebrated contemporary American cuisine, which is infused with her French culinary inspiration, having spent much of her career working in French kitchens, and influenced by her Japanese roots. In chef’s table-style meals of 10 to 12 plates, you’ll sample some of the country’s finest produce in unique dishes with wine or tea pairing; the cellar has around 100 wine labels to choose between.

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