The Cliff terrace © gareth sambidge

Cuisine: International

Signature dishes: Snow crab cake, coriander cream, coriander vinaigrette, red curry oil; savory snails in a puff pastry case, vegetables julienne, chive cream sauce

A gourmet fortress of coral stone rising out over a palm-fringed cove, the setting of The Cliff is as dramatic and exotic as the cuisine on offer. With astonishing sea views from every table, the restaurant is widely considered the best dining experience in the Caribbean and the place to see and be seen on the island.

Famed for its impeccable service and perfectly situated to accommodate those traveling by yacht, The Cliff offers diners a candlelit dinner as stingrays sweep through the moonlit waters below.

Head Chef: Paul Owens

+1 246 432 1922

Derricks, St. James, Barbados BB24110