De Librije
Last Year's Position: #79
Michelin Stars: 3
Head Chef: Jonnie Boer
Address: Spinhuisplein 1, 8011 ZZ Zwolle, Netherlands
Phone:+31 (0) 38 421 2083

Every seven years, De Librije reinvents itself to keep up with the ever-changing gastronomic scene, most recently relocating to Librije’s hotel. Before achieving his coveted three-star status, Chef Jonnie Boer was named the youngest two-Michelin starred chef in The Netherlands. Now, his restaurant is the epitome of fine dining in the region, where a stunning glass ceiling allows guests to dine among nature and under the stars.

In addition to à la carte dishes that recall the restaurant’s two decades in business, De Librije’s options include a separate vegetarian menu as well as a mini menu. The mini menu affords guests a customizable meal, dividing the list into ingredients from which guests select one from each category that will then be complemented by the chef’s choice of dishes.

A unique experience can be found by booking the Chef’s Table, where guests can dine among the hustle and bustle of De Librije’s kitchen. Private dining is also available in the spacious Thorbecke Salon, which formerly served as a prison.

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