De Librije

De Librije

Cuisine: Local, Seasonal

Signature dishes: Goose liver, fermented juice of red cabbage leaves, hazelnut, black olive, North Sea crab; Raw scallop, veal marrow, fermented garlic in a charcoal roasted celeriac juice; Epoisse, rabbit kidneys and potato juice

Set in the depths of a 15th century Dominican monastery boasting magnificent gothic leaded windows, De Libije offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Head Chef Jonnie and Host / Sommelier Thérèse earned their three Michelin stars thanks to an obvious love for their traditional national cuisine, which they serve with passion. Using only the purest, locally-sourced, natural ingredients the duo have perfected their dishes to the finest degree. An exclusive table is available in the kitchen itself.

Head Chef: Jonnie Boer

+31 38 4212083

Broerenkerkplein 13-15, 8011 TW, Zwolle, The Netherlands