Standout Dish: Roast chicken“de Bresse”, Morels & Vin Jaune
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Michelin Stars: 2
Head Chef: Claude Bosi
Address: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London, SW3 6RD
Phone:+44 20 7581 5817

Having established himself as one of London’s top chefs, Claude Bosi opened Bibendum in the spring of 2017. Taking over the sizable Michelin House in leafy Fulham, Bosi faced the challenge of developing a menu that matched the breathtaking interior of the venue.

With a focus on preparation and presentation, the food on offer at Bibendum certainly does not disappoint, and perfectly showcases the skill and precision Bosi developed over a number of years heading up the kitchen at the two-starred Hibiscus in Mayfair.

While the restaurant’s stained-glass windows, that flood the first floor dining room with a luscious azure light, give Bibendum a refined and opulent feel without coming across as trying too hard.

All in all Bibendum feels like a great restaurant and is definitely worthy of its two Michelin-stars and its position in the Elite Traveler Top 100.


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