The 5 Best Restaurants in Porto

Porto may be associated first and foremost with the locally produced wine but the region is equally as accomplished for its gastronomy. Bringing the region’s exceptional produce together with a wealth of culinary creativity, restaurants here are providing an exciting dining experience. We take a look at the 5 best restaurants in Porto.

Food at the Yeatman restaurant in Porto

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The Yeatman

Situated within a luxury wine hotel and spa on a hill overlooking Porto, this two Michelin star restaurant is celebrated for its views over the Douro River and historic center of town, as well as for showcasing the best of Porto’s food. The imaginative cuisine of chef Ricardo Costa combines the traditional flavors of Portuguese food across the nation’s distinct regions, with contemporary cooking techniques and presentation. Diners can choose between the restaurant’s three tasting menus which are designed to take you on a journey through Portugal’s diverse wine regions.