The 5 Best Restaurants in Karachi

Boasting the largest population in Pakistan, Karachi acts as a financial and commercial hub, in part owing to its role as a major port. As a result, Karachi is home to a multitude of cultures, and this is reflected through the cuisine. The city’s dining scene comprises restaurant’s specializing in a variety of international and fusion fares, with a number of fine dining restaurants garnering particular attention. We take a look at the five best restaurants in Karachi.


Located on Karachi’s Beach Avenue, this restaurant sits on the water’s edge with an outdoor terrace making it possible to dine beneath the stars. The restaurant’s diverse culinary offering includes a selection of Italian and Lebanese specialties, alongside Pakistani and Chinese cuisine, and barbecue meat and seafood. Whether it’s for the sea views or the quality of the food, this is a restaurant people keep coming back to.