The 5 Best Restaurants in Jerusalem

By Rebecca Cameron

When you think of Jerusalem, you may think of religious pilgrimages and ancient history. However over the years, the Israeli capital has also become very well known for its cuisine. Encompassing a little bit of everything, the food in Jerusalem varies from traditional Jewish dishes such as Israeli mujadara (a popular rice and lentil dish) and sabich (a traditional Mizrahi Jewish sandwich); to Mediterranean falafel and paella.

AnnaFood at Anna restaurant in Jerusalem

At the heart of Jerusalem sits ‘The Ticho House’. Once home to Anna Ticho, one of Israel’s most prominent painters from the 1920s, the historic house now functions as a museum, restaurant and cultural center. On the top floor of the building is Anna. This jaw dropping restaurant offers an exceptional variety of seasonal ingredients and food, featuring dishes such as gnocchi and fish carpaccio. Not only is Anna one of the best restaurants in Jerusalem, but it also helps disadvantaged students learn to cook and gain experience in the kitchen.