The 5 Best Restaurants in Genoa

An atmospheric port city of northwest Italy’s Liguria region, Genoa has an abundance of exceptional seafood as well as great culinary tradition. To taste some of the most outstanding food on offer here, seek out our pick of the best restaurants in Genoa.

The Cook

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With revered chef Ivano Ricchebono behind the cuisine here, The Cook has been recognized with a Michelin star, testament to its status as one of the region’s best restaurants. Located just outside Genoa, the restaurant sits within the Grand Hotel Arenzano where diners can savor views from the outdoor terrace as well as the accomplished food and carefully selected wine. Local seafood and regional specialties with a modern approach feature on the menu; the region’s fresh produce is the focus in each of the gourmet dishes here, with a tasting menu for the full gastronomic experience.