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Osteria Boccadoro

Style / Ambiance: A typical Venetian restaurant, located away from the tourist trail in a quiet Venetian square, the Osteria offers traditional Venetian dishes using only fresh fish, homemade pasta, vegetables and local ingredients, giving diners the chance to savor the authentic and natural flavors.

It is also equipped with an excellent wine cellar and the resident sommelier will happily advise you. The atmosphere of the restaurant is simple and elegant, and there is a small private dining room for business lunches or more intimate gatherings. The restaurant has played host to many famous people, including former Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi and the Secretary of the Treasury, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa.

Luciano Orlandi

+39 041 521 1021

Cannareggio 5405/a, Campo Widmann, 30131 Venice