The 9 Best Restaurants in Delhi


The 1911 Restaurant

Cuisine: International

Style / ambiance: Soon to turn into a 24-hour restaurant, 1911 is a landmark year in the history of Delhi.

It was in this year King-Emperor George V declared New Delhi as the Capital of India. The 1911 Restaurant pays tribute to this historic milestone with rich furnishings, choicely done up interiors and cuisine that showcases the ‘melting pot’ culture of Delhi. Although serving international cuisine, this restaurant prides itself on old Indian-style service, that of which one would expect in the time of the Orient. It is situated at The Imperial, a hotel with a long association with period art. In fact, 1911 is an ode to this tradition. It is replete with antiquities dating back to the 1911 Durbar, etchings of ink, stipple, lithographs, tints (mezzo and aqua) and photographs from the colonial era.


Executive Chef Jan Seibold

+91 11 4111 6602

The Imperial Hotel, Janpath, Delhi, 110001

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