The 8 Best Restaurants in Florence

18th December 2017 // By admin

The philosophy of traditional Tuscan cuisine is fresh, local ingredients, simply cooked. Relying heavily on traditional Italian meats and vegetables, cooked in the simplest way possible, often avoiding the use of heavy sauces.

T-bone steak prepared on chestnut wood and served with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil is a Florentine specialty, as well as a number of meat based dishes, including ones that use less popular off cuts of meat. With a series of Michelin-starred establishments, Florence’s restaurants use the finest Tuscan artisanal ingredients accompanied with velvety Tuscan wines.

See our picks of the best restaurants in Florence.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Best Restaurants in Florence

Fusion head chef Annie Féolde and sommelier Georgio Pinchiorri began their collaboration in 1972 at the esteemed National Wine Cellar where Féolde crafted light dishes to complement Pinchiorri’s coveted wine collection. Féolde’s cuisine became increasingly complex and by 1993 the pair was running a three-Michelin-starred restaurant (the only one in Florence) with a renowned wine cellar. Pinchiorri keeps 120,000 bottles of the finest wine in the restaurant’s basement. Enoteca Pinchiorri emanates character and charm with mosaics, parquet floors, a pink marble chimney and antique furniture, but it is the restaurant’s cuisine rather than its decor that is the true show stopper. Born in Nice, Annie Féold applies French techniques to Tuscan gastronomy. Dishes focus on one ingredient prepared by a number of methods. One popular dish on a single plate is crawfish filled with courgettes and thyme, fried in batter and stewed with onions and bacon.