The 8 Best Restaurants in Copenhagen



Cuisine: Italian

Style / Ambiance: When Era Ora (Italian for ‘about time’) first opened in 1983, it totally changed perceptions about Italian food and forced Danish restaurants to rise to the challenge.

Introducing gourmet cuisine that has since won a well-deserved Michelin star, Era Ora quickly established itself as one of the premier eateries in Copenhagen. Serving Italian food based on the Tuscan regional cuisine of their youth, owners Edelvita Santos and Elvio Milleri have created a menu of innovative dishes that harness the flavors of the local Copenhagen seafood. Set in an antique dining room with wooden tables and a rustic décor, complete with a wine cellar featuring 90,000 bottles of Italian vintage, Era Ora is one of the finest restaurants in Copenhagen in which to sample Italian cuisine.

Elvio Milleri, General Manager

+45 32 540 693

Overgaden Neden Vandet 33B, 1414 Copenhagen