The 8 Best Restaurants in Cambridge

Galleria, CambridgeA picturesque university city on the banks of the river Cam, Cambridge is home to not only some of the UK’s best pubs, but some true culinary gems too.

Despite a plethora of unsightly chain restaurants cropping up in recent years, this idyllic location plays host to some of the best fine dining in the south-east of England.

From the Michelin-starred Midsummer House to the cosy confines of upmarket gastropubs like the Tickell Arms, its dining scene runs the gamut from the ultra-modern to the more traditional and charmingly quaint.

This city has an eclectic bunch of eateries to cater for its high influx of sightseers, eager to learn about its rich history, dating right back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Viking times.

Compiled especially for our globetrotting readers, here is Elite Traveler’s guide to ten of the best restaurants in Cambridge.