The 8 Best Restaurants in Basel



Cuisine: Mediterranean

Style / Ambiance: St. Alban-Eck has been serving exquisite French, German and Swiss specialities to an enthusiastic audience for many years.

Located in a 750-year-old medieval building that still boasts the original oak door and stone settings, St. Alban-Eck is traditional Basel at its best. Carefully prepared under the watchful eye of Chef Mario Peters, the menu truly dazzles, with the signature Cheese Fondue the highlight of his fantastic selection. For the elite traveler, St. Alban-Eck offers the opportunity to dine in complete privacy in its exclusive first floor dining area. With a unique interior and incomparable service, St. Alban-Eck is the perfect place to taste history and fine dining in one mouthful.

Restaurant Owner: Andreas Plüss

+41 61 271 0320

St. Alban-Vorstadt 60, 4052 Basel