The 6 Best Restaurants in Berlin

15th December 2017 // By Lauren Hill

Germany now lays claim to some of the best dining in Europe. In the last 20 or so years, Michelin inspectors have beaten a path to Berlin’s best restaurants and dealt stars left, right and center. The country’s capital city boasts Michelin-starred restaurants as well as places to eat in Berlin that fly under the radar. Traditional German fare is hearty (or sweet in the case of Berlin’s namesake donut), but outside influence has brought flavors from around the world as well as a sustainable approach to cooking that gives the city a well-rounded dining scene. Here, you’ll just as soon find classic bratwurst as upscale vegetarian dishes, both perfectly complemented by an ice-cold Hefeweizen or Kölsch beer. From romantic restaurants in Berlin to fine-dining establishments serving distinctly German cuisine, these are our picks of the six best restaurants in Berlin.


hugos - best restaurants in berlin

Now helmed by chef Eberhard Lange, Hugos has a firm place on the map among Berlin’s gourmet restaurants. Here, the chef brings German and regional produce together with international influence to create innovative fusion dishes. The wine list will please even the most demanding buffs, and the views of the city are astounding. Located on the 14th floor of the InterContinental Berlin, the city’s vistas don’t come much better than this. Hugos has been recognized by the Michelin Guide with an excellent one-star rating.

Lutter & Wegner

Lutter & Wegner - best restaurants in berlinA gastronomic institution, Lutter & Wegner has been serving traditional Bavarian fare on the Gendarmenmarkt since 1811, and a better schnitzel you will not find.
With a wealth of foreign foods in the city, Lutter & Wegner is one of the best places to eat in Berlin, harkening back to more Teutonic tastes and the princely wood-clad building throngs with locals and tourists alike. Highlights include the wiener schnitzel and the sauerbraten (marinated roast beef), and as one of Berlin’s most revered wine merchants, Lutter & Wegner will find you the perfect pairing for your dish.