The 5 Best Restaurants in Adelaide

By Kelsey Llewellyn

When you think about South Australia, you may immediately imagine miles of luscious wine-country or the prestigious producers that transform juicy grapes into the rich red wines you cherish. But, don’t let these renowned wines distract you from the fine dining this region offers. Located between sandy coastal beaches and the verdant Adelaide Hills, Adelaide is brimming with upscale restaurants serving exquisite South Australian cuisine. When these authentic dishes are paired with a famous bottle of South Australian wine, who wouldn’t jump at a chance to experience one of these fine dining venues? Since there are many delectable options, we will help you narrow down the search. These are the five best restaurants in Adelaide according to Elite Traveler.


Orana in Adelaide

Orana, meaning “welcome” in some Aboriginal languages, reflects the heritage and commitment to preserving South Australian culture that its name suggests. Chef and owner, Jock Zonfrillo, literally welcomes guests to try a wide array of authentic Australian dishes, ranging from kangaroo and native peppers to a dish of set buffalo milk, strawberry and eucalyptus. Seating a mere 31 people across 10 tables, this intimate space offers gastronomes an opportunity to meet the chefs and hear about the historical and nutritional properties of dishes. Incorporating exotic ingredients like green ants, the seasonal tasting menu provides adventurous guests with 18 to 20 unique courses, each of which blends hyper-native ingredients to create an indigenous gastronomic experience. Wine and nonalcoholic pairings are available.