The 13 Best Restaurants in Dubai

1st July 2018 // By Lauren Hill

Eauzone - best restaurants in dubaiWhen it comes to deciding where to eat, in Dubai, the restaurants offerings are almost too varied to imagine. Dubai’s best restaurants serve virtually every national cuisine from around the world, including many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic delights. While there is yet to be a Michelin-starred restaurant in Dubai, the city compensates for its lack of guide by importing chefs or restaurant chains that have previously been recognized elsewhere by this prestigious publication.

The food on offer in Dubai varies massively due to the large expat community they have living in the country. However traditional Emirati food takes its influence from Levant, Arabic and Asian food, with traditional dishes including plates such as stuffed camel, kuboos (more commonly known as flatbreads), Maqluba (a dish whose name literally translates as ‘upside-down’ and is a meat, rice and vegetable dish made with tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and lamb of chicken). More recently Dubai has started serving Arabic food more recognizable to Westerners, including shawarmas, falafel, tabbouleh and hummus.

With Dubai being a Muslim country you will often find some hotels will not serve pork at all, while many others will serve beef as a substitute, such as many restaurants serving beef sausages and veal rashers in place of bacon and pork sausages. However more tourist orientated restaurants and hotels will often serve pork dishes due to the international clientele they attract. The same goes for alcohol, with wine, beer and spirits not being widely available in the country outside of Western bars, hotels and restaurants.

With Elite Traveler’s guide on where to eat in Dubai you will find a wide array of restaurants including more traditional Emirati food alongside modern European and Asian cuisine. Each restaurant featured here is not simply somewhere to eat, but a destination for stunning decor, amazing views and unforgettable culinary experiences. These are our picks of the best restaurants in Dubai.

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