The 13 Best Restaurants in St Petersburg


Cuisine: Traditional Russian

Style / Ambiance: Naming a lavish, luxurious restaurant in St Petersburg Tsar may be akin to naming a similarly-styled eatery in London Queen Victoria’s, but fortunately this restaurant is not another attempt to recreate the splendor of the Tsarist times.

While the décor of the restaurant will bring to mind late 19th and early 20th century Russia, the enthusiasm of the waiting staff and the innovative menu help to transform the restaurant into a welcoming and classy dining facility. Elegant, sophisticated food is on offer with a modern twist, and clientele inside are usually cigar-smoking businessmen completing multi-million dollar deals and stylish women dressed in the latest fashions. The wine list has been expertly concocted by the sommelier, and there’s even the option to try vodka the way Alexander III preferred. The success of the restaurant lies in that it does not make you feel like a Tsar, more like the modern equivalent.

+7 812 930 0444

Sadovaya Street, 12

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