The 13 Best Restaurants in St Petersburg


Cuisine: Fish

Style / Ambiance: Russkaya Rybalka or the ‘Russian Fishing’ restaurant is one of the most charming eateries in St Petersburg.

Set in a picturesque wooden hut overlooking a lake teeming with fish, guests catch their own dinner. Trout, sturgeon, carp, crayfish and starlet are among the options, and once caught the chef will prepare it for you in a number for different ways, such as smoked or baked on charcoal. Bait, tackle, rods and expert advice are all provided by the friendly staff, and the restaurant also offers the option of renting small heated wooden huts as well as eating in the main building. Fishing is even possible in the winter due to heated pools, and there are plenty of fish in the restaurant for those unlucky enough not to catch something. The restaurant’s atmosphere is fun and family-oriented, and the food is delicious, homecooked fare of such a standard that Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac have both been guests.

+7 812 323 9813

Uzhnaya Doroga 11, Krestovsky Ostrov

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