The 12 Best Restaurants in Geneva

Domaine de Châteauvieux

DOMAINE DE CHATEAUVIEUXOnly 15 minutes west of central Geneva, the menu is extravagant, with a price tag to match, but it’s thanks to the chef’s creativity and insistence on selecting the best seasonal products that Domaine de Châteauvieux remains at the top of its game. The ambiance created by the original beams and paneling, cobbled walls, a period fireplace and solid wood furniture invokes an atmosphere of calm and tranquility; the perfect setting to enjoy gourmet dining at its very best. Immerse yourself in 16th-century architecture in the main dining room, and for a more intimate experience the cellar features a single dining table, where guests can enjoy their meal among displays of internationally prestigious and locally produced vintage wines. This room has access to a bar and smoking room that offers the best Havana cigars. If you are seeking something special, then we recommend the Chef’s Table.