The 11 Best Restaurants in Stockholm

12th December 2017 // By Will Grice

Stockholm offers the culinary connoisseur a surprising variety of traditional and modern cuisine. Fresh ingredients have always been native to Swedish cuisine and seafood is a special delicacy in Stockholm, where its impossible to ignore the fruits of the Baltic Sea. This section features a collection of award-winning, popular and astonishing restaurants. Take your pick.


With no traditional ovens or gas cookers in sight, Ekstedt is one of Stockholm’s most exciting restaurants, and was arguably the restaurant responsible for the open-fire cooking trend that has swept Europe over the last few years.

Focusing on blending well known Swedish flavors and ingredients with traditional and modern European cooking techniques, Niklas Ekstedt’s team work tirelessly to offer one of the capital’s most innovative menus.

When you walk into the restaurant the first thing you will notice is the sheer heat of the place, with the restaurant’s back wall housing the kitchen and the various open fires all the food is cooked over. The interior is traditionally Scandinavian with exposed metal grids covering the ceiling, finished off with wood panelling and furniture throughout.

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While you would expect a lot of heavy red meat dishes from a place known for its ‘outdoors’ style of cooking, the food on offer at Ekstedt is well balanced and varied enough to keep even the pickiest of eaters pleased. To kick off the menu the staff bring out a searing hot pan and a handful of small bowls filled with fresh ingredients. Into the pan they add mushrooms, herb butter, onions and roe deer heart, cooking the dish in front of you before inviting you to serve yourself with small tortilla breads, fashioning what they call ‘Swedish tacos’.

The menu weaves its way through a series of delicious flavors, pairing ingredients in the most unusual of ways. One of the stand out dishes for both flavor and technique has to be the oysters with beef fat. Made by melting the beef fat over the oyster by putting it through what can only be described as a red hot metal filter, the fresh saltiness of the oyster is nicely balanced by the rich oil of the beef fat, giving two very simple ingredients whole new levels of flavor.

As with any restaurant of this calibre, the wine list is both extensive and varied, with the in house sommeliers offering guests plenty of suggestions to pair with their meal, or alternatively you can opt for a wine flight to match your meal. All in all, if you’re looking for something a bit unusual, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything better in Stockholm than Ekstedt.

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