The 11 Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Man Wah_Whether you’re in Hong Kong for business or pleasure, one thing’s for sure: you’re in for an amazing dining experience. Some say Hong Kong is worth visiting for its food scene alone and with a whopping 61 Michelin-starred restaurants, the choices are limitless. For fine dining heaven, complete with creative artistry and molecular gastronomy, you’ve come to the right place. Considered to be one of the best culinary destinations in Asia, Hong Kong offers a multitude of venues and cuisines that keep foodies interested – from traditional dim sum to creative concepts in which East meets West.

The blending of two cultures can be seen in the way that Hong Kongers go about their daily meals, which stands at five a day. In salute to their colonial past, afternoon tea is enjoyed at 3pm, consisting of sandwiches and tea, while the day ends on a Chinese note with sui yeh – translated to “midnight snack” – which is eaten anytime from 9pm in the evening. While the many hawker stalls that line Hong Kong’s streets cater for smaller meals during the day (and, of course, sui yeh), Michelin-starred venues spearheaded by world-famous chefs are where it’s at for the main evening course – and provide the ultimate food lovers’ paradise, thanks to fine ingredients, vintage wines and outstanding cooking techniques. Read on to find out which venues feature in Elite Traveler’s list of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.