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El Bistró

Style / ambiance: Adventure combines with elegance in one of the continent’s most talked about restaurants, where awardwinning head chef Mariano Cid de la Paz offers a delectable menu which earned El Bistró the honor of being named among the planet’s top ten hotel restaurants by Hotels Magazine.

Part of the Faena Hotel + Universe, it is no surprise that El Bistró has been noted for quality and excellence of service. Faena has attained numerous awards recognizing its quality from a litany of established and respected publications, and that is in no small part due to the high quality of the cuisine on offer at El Bistró. The restaurant has earned glowing reviews from some of South America’s most exacting critics, and the prestige of the establishment continues to grow. The tasting menu, allowing diners to sample a selection of the chef’s finest delicacies in addition to five varieties of delicious wine, is an extremely popular choice, particularly among those who find it hard to choose from the plethora of delicacies on offer.

Luis De Casas

+54 11 4010 9200

Martha Salotti 445