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Lux Stockholm

Style / Ambiance: On the island of Lilla Essingen, Lux Stockholm prides itself on its fresh, local, seasonal produce, combined to create modern dishes based on traditional Swedish foods and their distinct flavors – salt, sour, smoked and spiced.

Depending on the time of year, guests might taste elk veal steak with celery foam, roasted rabbit with pickled onion and pumpkin muesli, or brill stuffed and seared with juniper-smoked Norwegian scallops, accompanied by ginger-flavored crab bouillon and cream of nettles. The atmosphere of the restaurant is formal yet relaxed, with guests often invited to add the finishing touches to their dishes at the table according to their own tastes.

Lotta Norström

+46 8 619 01 90

Primusgatan 116, SE-112 67