City Cuisine Style Michelin Stars Elite Traveler Andy Hayler

La DÉgustation bohÉme bourgeoise

Style / Ambiance: Truly one of the finest restaurants in the Czech capital, La Dégustation’s Executive Chefs have prepared two menus giving diners two very different taste experiences.

The first menu Dégustation du Chef is a gourmet ensemble carefully prepared with the freshest seasonal produce from Chef Oldřich Sahajdák and his team. Elite Traveler highly recommends the second menu, the Menu Dégustation Bohème Bourgeoise, with a Bohemian tasting selection that adds a creative twist to traditional 19th and 20th century Czech cuisine. Its team of three sommeliers, five waiters and an experienced restaurant manager ensures an impeccable dining experience.

Oldřich Sahajdák, Executive Chef and Co-owner

+420 222 311 234

Haštalská 18, 110 00