City Cuisine Style Michelin Stars Elite Traveler Andy Hayler

Style / Ambiance: Pan de Lujo or ‘luxury bread’ is located in an old bread factory in the busy shopping area of Jorge Juan.

While the factory’s façade has been preserved, the interior has been transformed with a clean, bold design that incorporates patches of exposed rough brickwork. The shimmering colors of three light boxes are reflected in a long pool of glassy water and glow through a glass wall that runs the length of the restaurant. An illuminated floor changes color throughout the evening, altering the restaurant’s ambience. Cased in glass cabinets, the restaurant’s extensive wine and oil collection is displayed along the walls. The tables are simply designed and the chairs are minimalist. Pan de Lujo’s bread factory foundations and bold flavors are embodied by Chef Alberto Chicote’s signature rice pudding sandwich.

+34 91 436 1100

Calle Jorge Juan, 20, 28001