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Style / Ambiance: Gastronomic consultant at La Terraza is Ferran Adrià, head chef of the world renowned and three Michelin starred restaurant El Bulli, who is the most influential chef in Spain.

Head chef Paco Roncero is Adrià’s protégé and a world class chef in his own right, who has earned La Terraza two Michelin stars. The innovative and experimental twenty-three-course menu includes the signature dish Kellogg’s paella, which consists of Rice Krispies, shrimp heads and vanilla-flavored mashed potatoes. The avant-garde gastronomy is matched by Jamie Hayón’s sophisticated modern interior, where geometric forms conjure images of precious stones. Amid the cutting edge cuisine and design however, traditional sensibilities survive, and the exclusive private club, Casino de Madrid, has a strict jacket and tie dress code.

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