City Cuisine Style Michelin Stars Elite Traveler Andy Hayler

Style / Ambiance: True to its name, Changa – meaning ‘mix’ in Swahili – specializes in fusion food.

Using ingredients from across the globe, consultant chef Peter Gordon produces fresh interpretations of classic Turkish dishes. A range of textures and ingredients are successfully harmonized, with no single flavor dominating. Within walking distance from Taksim Square, Changa occupies four floors of a stunning 103-year-old Art Nouveau townhouse. For special occasions hire the beautiful private dining room on the top floor for 12-30 people. Hand painted in the early 1900s, the room’s walls and ceilings have been left untouched. Changa is open from October to June.

Mr Tarik M. Bayazit

+90 212 251 7064

Siraselviler Caddesi No. 47, Taksim