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Sakıp Sabancı Eğitim ve Kültür Merkezi, Adile Sultan Sarayı Kandilli Mah., Vaniköy Cad. Sıraevler Sok. No: 12, Vaniköy – Üsküdar İstanbul


A tradition of quality and taste

Changing and growing since 1927, Borsa Restaurants has secured its place at the pinnacle of Turkey’s gourmet scene with the opening of Kandilli Borsa, İstinye Borsa and Boğaziçi Borsa restaurants in 2006, 2007 and 1996 respectively.

Borsa Restaurants excels in traditional Istanbul and Anatolian dishes by selecting the best quality ingredients and adhering to authentic recipes.Exquisite taste and presentation, experienced and professional staff and impeccable hygiene standards are all fundamental to Borsa Restaurants. Over the years, these strict principles have fuelled the company’s reputation for excellence.

The art of food practiced by true artists

Serving the finest Turkish cuisine, Borsa Restaurants pay attention not only to taste but also to color harmony of each dish, consulting artists to the achieve the most unique and esthetically pleasing compositions. Over the years, Borsa has won great success by preserving the taste of traditional Turkish cuisine and presenting it in an elite Western way.

However, Borsa never sits back to enjoy its success and always looks for new ways to improve its service. The highly experienced team is constantly trained to keep apace with modern serving techniques, and new dishes are regularly added to the menu. This way, you can be sure that Borsa will offer the best traditional cuisine with innovative new twists.

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İstinye Park AVM, İstinye Baytırı Cad. No: İstinye – Sarıyer –İstanbul