City Cuisine Style Michelin Stars Elite Traveler Andy Hayler

Style / Ambiance: Bermeo has the honor of being regarded as the finest hotel restaurant in Spain; no mean feat considering the country’s plentiful supply of award-winning gastronomic offerings.

Just a short walk from the Guggenheim, Bermeo is located in the Hotel Ercilla, a modern four-star high-rise in the center of Bilbao. Thanks to its delightful authentic Basque cuisine, Bermeo is now the hottest place in town. Try its signature dish of European lobster sautéed with melon slices and bacon in sweet wine cream. The interior décor is a charming blend of wood panel walls, repro antiques and bright white linen; and service from the smartly turned out staff is excellent. Elite traveler’s can expect to dine alongside a mix of local celebrities and the cream of the city’s social scene.

Javier Aspiunza, Maitre d’

+34 94 470 5700

Hotel Ercilla, Calle de Ercilla 37-39, 48011