The 7 Best Bars In San Francisco

Like much of the West Coast, San Francisco is a relaxed, liberal and multicultural city.

The diversity of wine bars here reflects this, with several located within walking distance of Union Square. From Napa to Livermore, San Francisco is surrounded by wine-making regions, resulting in the bars being stocked with both local and international varieties.

Our list of the best bars in San Francisco includes Jardinière, a bar worth visiting for its spectacular décor alone. The ground floor bar is topped with glistening marble and is set beneath the twinkling lights of a golden dome, designed to represent bubbles in an inverted champagne glass.

San Francisco has been at the forefront of reviving cocktail culture, and enjoying an unusual and interesting drink is part and parcel of experiencing this diverse city. Whether you’re looking for an expertly-made cocktail courtesy of a highly trained mixologist or all-encompassing views of the city, our guide to the best bars in San Francisco will have you covered.