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Reinstoff veal, celery, yuzu, vanilla

Style / Ambiance: When Reinstoff opened in 2009 it quickly became the most talked about restaurant in town. Chef Daniel Achilles won a Michelin star just six months after opening and Gault Millau’s ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in 2010.

Reinstoff remains one of the most innovative places to eat in the capital with its industrial black interior and unique mix of haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy. The menu labels dishes as ‘quite near’ or ‘far away’ according to where the ingredients were sourced, with ‘quite near’ dishes containing familiar flavors and ‘far away’ more exotic ones. For some outstanding combinations try the goose liver, mache gazpacho, hazelnut and vinaigrette, or the Fürstenberg shoat with braised cabbage and chickpeas. Each course is paired with the perfect wine and with such a piquant range of dishes you can happily spend a whole evening here.

Sabine Demel

+49 (0) 30 30 88 12 14

Edison Höfe, Schlegelstrasse 26