City Cuisine Style Michelin Stars Elite Traveler Andy Hayler

Lutter & Wegner

Style / Ambiance: A gastronomic institution, Lutter & Wegner has been serving traditional Bavarian fare on the Gendarmenmarkt since 1811, and a better schnitzel you will not find.

With a wealth of foreign foods in the city, Lutter & Wegner harks back to more Teutonic tastes and the princely wood-clad building throngs with locals and tourists alike. Highlights include the Wiener schnitzel and the sauerbraten (marinated roast beef), and as one of Berlin’s most revered wine merchants, Lutter & Wegner will find you the perfect tipple for your dish.

Manager: Kathrin Loitzsch

+49 (0) 30 20 29 54 0

Charlottenstrasse 56