City Cuisine Style Michelin Stars Elite Traveler Andy Hayler

meifujiayan corridor

Style / Ambiance: To visit Mei Fu is to step backwards into the world of 1930s Peking Opera and experience the retro elegance of this exquisitely restored courtyard.

An interior filled with velvet drapes and antique furniture is accentuated by vintage black and white photographs and playbills of Mei Lanfang, a famous Peking opera star and official restaurant muse. Pebbled floor hallways and waterfalls create a wonderfully relaxed experience. Mei Fu offers a full dramatic sensory experience, with the high-swaying notes of Chinese opera, mainly Mei Lanfang’s recorded performances, drifting through the series of courtyard dining rooms. The cuisine on offer is healthy and light, featuring traditional Jiangsu and Zhejiang favorites, including shrimp with water chestnuts, pineapple salad, steamed fish and celery stirfried with lily bulbs. The Mei Fu courtyard is a hidden oasis of tranquility and Old World calm in the bustling capital.

24 Daxiangfeng Hutong, south bank of Houhai Lake, Xicheng District

86 10 6612 6845