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Style/Ambiance: With its winning dishes and exemplary service, Kiku has firmly established itself as the finest Japanese Restaurant in Athens.

Nestled secretly in the upmarket neighborhood of Kolonaki, Kiku has evolved and discovered new gastronomic horizons without forgetting the importance of tradition. The modern décor remains true to its heritage and is the perfect surrounding in which to enjoy their skillfully prepared dishes. Kiku serves an array of sushi and tempura, whilst two of their signature dishes are Hakko Unagi (eel sushi) and Hamachi Tartar (yellowtail with spicy lemon sauce). Head Chef Tanaka Minorou also incorporates local catches of bonito, sea bass and cuttlefish into his menu.

Vlado Tubin, Maitre d’

+30 210 364 7033

12 Dimokritou, Kolonaki, 10673