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Upper Level dining at GB Corner


Style/Ambiance: Situated on the corner of the most famous square in Greece, GB Corner, the Grand Bretagne Hotel’s signature restaurant does not disappoint.

GB corner, a recognized capital hotspot, serves the capital’s most sophisticated crowd. The elegant atmosphere and polished French- Mediterranean menu turns any visit into a much-savored delight. Chef Evangelou uses only the finest and freshest ingredients and the menu includes a selection of local Greek delicacies and favorites, such as shrimps with ouzo, tomato and feta cheese, or Aegean sea bass with roasted tomatoes, capers and balsamic vinegar. GB Corner offers its more distinguished guests an intimate dining experience, conjuring an exclusive, private atmosphere in the mezzanine floor, while still allowing them to enjoy the buzz from the ground floor.

Sotiris Evangelou

+30 210 333 0750

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Constitution Square, 10564