The 7 Best Restaurants in Oslo

By Lauren Jade Hill

Even with the city’s great international influence, the restaurants in Oslo stay true to the culinary traditions of Norway, as chefs show the pride they take in the outstanding produce this land and sea provides, along with the country’s classic recipes. These traditions are then fused with modern culinary techniques and each chef’s own creativity, resulting in a dining scene that attracts visitors from worldwide.


As the only three Michelin starred restaurant in Norway, Maaemo attracts fine dining enthusiasts from far and wide. In a minimalist fine dining setting, guests dine on seasonal Norwegian cuisine. The difference here is that the restaurant aims to provide diners with a complete experience of the produce, highlighting raw and cooked ingredients in harmony, along with the cultural history of Norway. With the revered chef Esben Holmboe Bang at the helm, the kitchen has created a menu entitled A Journey through the Norwegian Landscape, which brings together a selection of seasonal dishes.