5 Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona

By Lauren Jade Hill

Barcelona is home to many Catalan culinary favorites, with the abundance of sumptuous produce that comes from this region combined with the country’s gastronomic tradition. But away from the city’s famous tapas bars, a number of exemplary chefs are taking Barcelona by storm with their innovative take on classic Catalan cuisine. These five Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona are testament to the city’s place on the world stage of fine dining.


Helmed by esteemed chef Martin Berasategui, Lasarte is the only restaurant in Barcelona to lay claim to three Michelin stars. In a light-filled, modern space that recently underwent a renovation, diners are sent on a culinary journey in which every aroma and flavor reflects the chef’s creative intention. Here, dishes are created according to the seasons while paying tribute to the region. The multi-course tasting menu consists of refined plates like red prawn on a seabed with fennel and coral emulsion.