The 5 Best Restaurants in Kolkata

While days can be spent discovering Kolkata’s authentic fare, from traditional chats to the local fish curry, the city also has a number of outstanding fine dining restaurants. Exhibiting the city’s diverse international influence, the five best restaurants in Kolkata span the culinary gamut from Chinese and Thai cuisine to Moroccan fare.

Yauatcha Kolkata

One of a select few Yauatcha restaurants around the globe, this dining spot offers contemporary Cantonese dim sum along with patisserie that’s been inspired by European culinary techniques. This is then served with tea, wine and cocktails in a dim sum teahouse setting. Yauatcha is located in Park Circus, where diners tuck into specialties such as poached Peking dumplings, prawn and water chestnut rolls and steamed red snapper in Assam sauce, with Chinese teas and signature Yauatcha cocktails.