Prime Introduces Caviar Experience in Sydney

By Olivia Cuccaro

Caviar adds an element of elegance to any restaurant’s menu. The up-and-coming Australian fine dining scene has been done one better by the debut of a luxury caviar selection at one of Sydney’s best known dining establishments. On the heels of introducing a seven-course meat degustation menu last year, Prime steakhouse restaurant is now serving an array of caviar to be paired with a bottle of champagne.

Prime steakhouse restaurant’s caviar program includes Iranian Beluga Caviar, priced at $395 per 30 grams, sourced from the prized sturgeon fish. The light to dark-gray colored caviar features a soft, creamy texture and a fruity, buttery flavor profile. Also on the menu is Golden Russian Oscietra Caviar, hand-selected from white sturgeon, whose dark to golden-brown colored pearls offer a nutty flavor with sea salt notes and a creamy finish at $195 per 30 grams. Caviar is served on a bed of crushed ice to be enjoyed from a mother of pearl spoon alongside brioche, butter and crème fraîche made in-house.

The caviar experience is designed to be the ideal starter to Prime’s choice of 18 premium steaks including the black angus and angus-hereford yearling and signature full-blood Wagyu 9+ filet. Or, share a steak with the grain-fed, dry-aged Tomahawk or choice of three chateaubriand. If it’s not steak you’re after, try the roasted lamb, pork loin, salmon, scallops, rock oysters or gnocchi. An extensive wine list comprises more than 350 selections from around the world to be followed with an elderflower peach sabayon or souffle for dessert.

Housed within a sandstone vault inside the heritage-listed GPO building, Prime’s exclusive atmosphere is complete with opulent leather seating, crisp white accents, fireplace and a private dining room. To personalize your experience, Prime offers an online restaurant butler to help transform your evening into the perfect date or celebration with a variety of bespoke services.

Prime steakhouse restaurant is located in the GPO building at No 1 Martin Place, NSW 2000, Australia,