The Most Exclusive Whiskies in the World

22nd May 2019 // By Emma Reynolds

Of course, you’ve read about The Glenlivet Winchester‘s $25,000 bottle of Scotch whisky, but did you know about some of the rarest and most exclusive whiskies on the planet? Elite Traveler has rounded up the most sought after bottles around the world — you’ll be hard-pressed to find one of these rare expressions.

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

It’s not everyday that American whiskies are as sought after as Pappy Van Winkle. This Frankfort, Kentucky-based whisky brand (it has only six expressions in its portfolio) has one of the most enormous cult followings of any whisky brand – there are only a few thousand bottles released per year and as the stock gets lower, that number decreases. Secondary markets are the only place to find the bottles, and the 23 Year Old expression sells in the liquor market for up to $2,700 per bottle – and beyond. But when you get your hands on a bottle (or even a small dram), watch out for hints of caramel, ripe apples, cherries, oak wood and tobacco.

Yamazaki 50 Year Old

In 2018, the Yamazaki 50-Year-Old broke the world record for the highest selling bottle of Japanese whisky ever at almost $300,000. Yamazaki Whisky in the Suntory portfolio is made in Japan’s first and oldest malt distillery and has become one of the most coveted Japanese whisky brands on the market. It was released in 2005 and only 50 bottles of this expression was produced so unless you know someone who knows someone with a bottle, your chance of bumping into a bottle of this caliber on accident is pretty rare. This isn’t the only exclusive bottle in Yamazaki’s collection – the Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old sells for nearly $1,000 and there are plenty more with heavy price tags. Inquire about purchasing the bottle at