Hedone Review – Interview with Critic Andy Hayler

If anyone is in a position to rate a restaurant, it’s the only person to have eaten at every 3 star Michelin restaurant in the world.

Andy Hayler is a food critic who has been eating at the world’s best restaurants for more than two decades. He recently highly recommended Hedone, which won its first Michelin star last year, as one of his regular ‘haunts’.

He speaks to Elite Traveler TV’s Alanna Lawson about the restaurant’s early success and why it is becoming a firm favorite among the critics.

“It is very unusual to have a self-taught chef get a Michelin star and to get it within a year is really a very rare achievement indeed,” Hayler says of owner and chef of Hedone, Mikael Jonsson.

But considering Hayler has eaten at the restaurant 38 times since it opened in July 2011, there is clearly a reason Hedone has wowed the critics with its showcase of high-quality seasonal ingredients.

Hayler says Hedone’s “extreme focus” on getting hold of the best produce is what makes the restaurant stand out.

“The chef is a particularly obsessive kind of guy around ingredients and has gone to a tremendous amount of effort to get the absolute best possible produce,” he says. “At least in the London food scene, that’s actually quite unusual.”

Click the video above to watch the full interview.