Chefs of the Decade – Germany

By Andy Hayler

Past Decade

Harald Wohlfhart

The head chef of legendary Schwarzwaldstube in the Black Forest, Harold Wohlfhart not only has held three Michelin stars for decades, but half a dozen chefs who trained with him have gained 3 stars in their own right.

Heinz Winkler

At one time the youngest ever 3 star Michelin chef at the age of 32, Heinz Winkler’s eponymous property has a spectacular setting at the foot of a mountain between Germany and Austria. He is a master of classical technique.

Sven Elverfeld

Not many 3 Michelin star restaurants are located in a car factory, but Sven Elverfeld’s Aqua effectively is – based in Wolfsburg next to the Volkswagen HQ. His cuisine is modern and innovative but rooted on strong culinary technique.

Helmut Thieltges

A master of classical French cooking and noted for his sauces, Helmut Thieltges unassumingly plies his trade in a leafy setting in the west of Germany, having maintained 3 Michelin stars throughout this century.

Joachim Wissler

Vendome, in a magnificent stately home, is Joachim Wissler’s 3 star Michelin restaurant. His lengthy tasting menus show a complete grasp of culinary technique, blending modern touches with classical cooking.