The Extraordinary Whisky Decanter From Last Drop Distillers

27th August 2019 // By Emma Reynolds

Image courtesy of Last Drop Distillers’

The first decanter and automatic pourer of its kind, The Last Drop Distillers’ new intuitive apparatus, Phoebe, puts on a magical mini-show every time you crave a dram of whisky.

The London-based distillery is known for sourcing some of the most sought-after and rarest spirits in the world, and has now introduced its first accessory. The unique decanting and pouring concept, Phoebe, was born as a collaboration between the distillers and innovative design company Harvey & John.

Phoebe is first and foremost a decanter in which you can put your most special The Last Drop bottle (may we suggest the recently released 1925 Hors d’Âge Grande Champagne Cognac). When you put your glass on the sleek wooden platform, it detects the glass with a motion sensor and bows to pour exactly 50ml for you to enjoy.

It works by pulling the spirit from the decanter and through the stem. The liquid then pools in a striking piece of glass at the end of that stem before being poured into your glass. Once it has poured your drink, Phoebe returns to an upright position, patiently waiting for the next glass to be placed.

Harvey & John’s team of British engineers handcrafted every inch of the beautiful object — each aspect of Phoebe was carefully thought out, from its modern design to its graceful display.

The piece, while practical for serving (and ensuring your guests don’t overpour your rarest spirits), stuns as a centerpiece or integral part of a home bar display. Only 20 pieces will be released.

Price: $7,500


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