The 5 Best Restaurants in Sardinia

Combining Italy’s food culture with this island’s unique culinary identity, Sardinia is filled with outstanding restaurants that take pride in the produce from both land and sea that’s so abundant here. Among the Italian island’s many celebrated places to eat, these are the five best restaurants in Sardinia for fine dining.


Best Restaurants in Sardinia

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This relaxed fine dining restaurant lies within the coastal city of Olbia. The food here is based around Sardinia’s seasonal ingredients and the island’s culinary traditions, and each dish is then elevated with the chef’s creativity and appealing presentation. Try hearty Italian classics like Sardinian gnocchi with lamb ragout, and rabbit with lime and Vermentino olives, along with seafood dishes such as roulade of sea bass and shrimp with fava bean and mint cream. The wine selection here is equally as thoughtful with a number of labels representing the island.